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Look at the appearance of Amel Carla flooded with praise.

Dream – The appearance of Amel Carla, a former child artist, has changed as she enters her teens. At the age of 20, Amel has now grown into a beautiful girl with her always cheerful appearance.

Another change from Amel’s appearance is that her face looks thinner with her body getting taller and slimmer.

Approaching adulthood, Amel is also getting smarter in dressing up with makeup natural that is more highlighted in her makeup.

When she was a child artist, Amel was famous for her curvaceous body but always looked good. Another characteristic of little Amel is the hairstyle with bangs and bandanas with various models that are often used.

Amel Carla© Amel Carla

Photo : @amelcarla

Now, the appearance of this girl whose full name is Amalia Nuril Aqmarina has received praise from netizens. Like Amel Carla’s last upload on her Instagram account feed.

In the uploaded photo, this 20-year-old girl appears to be on vacation in Bontang, East Kalimantan. He poses on a wooden boat. Amel looks smiling appearing with a brown shirt, shorts, brown hat and sunglasses.

Suntay Sunday,” wrote Amel Carla quoted by Dream, Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

There, apparently, Amel and Ambo met a viral crocodile named Riska who was at the mouth of the Guntung River. Amel also posed with Ambo and Riska on the boat while smiling.

Amel Carla© Amel Carla

Photo : @amelcarla

Exploring B-town with Riska & Pak Ambo,” wrote Amel Carla in the caption.

Amel Carla’s upload also received the spotlight. Many commented on the appearance of Amel Carla getting more beautiful.

It’s really beautiful,” wrote the account @fitrianizavira.

“When you’re small, you’re cute, when you’re big, you’re beautiful,” wrote the account @riah_fajriah.

“Amel is beautiful, she’s big, huh,” wrote the account @khofifahharahap21.

“Mashallah, very beautiful,” wrote the account @konita.mu.

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The Appearance of Former Child Artist Amel Carla at the High School Prom Night Becomes the Spotlight

Dream – Amel Carla suddenly became the talk of netizens on social media. This is because of his appearance when celebrating a high school graduation party (SMA).

Amel uploaded photos of her time with her friends at the event. This 17 year old girl appeared wearing a red dress with a long model with a little showing Amel’s thighs.

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Amel added accessories with a white scarf and a red bag. Not only that, this former child artist daubed her face with makeup thick and styled her hair in a curly style.

My prom date? It’s @louboutinworld,” wrote Amel Carla quoted by Dream, Monday, June 17, 2019.

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Amel Carla's Appearance© Amel Carla Appearance

Unfortunately, the upload of the owner of the name Amalia Nuril Aqmarina immediately became the spotlight and the material for bullying by haters. Warganet highlighted Amel’s appearance which was considered older for her age.

I feel like an auntie, auntie.” write account @awkx33.

“Mell saltum huh? Wkwk I swear you’re the only one with weird clothes, duhhhh,” account word @ngopikuy00.

But not all netizens commented cynically with Amel’s appearance style. There are also those who praise her for looking prettier.

“Ehh, the clothes are really good, Amel, how can you not be pretty, huh?” write account @aririririanaa.

“Why are you an angel?” account word @gieh_ariyadi.(Legal)

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Long time no see, this is Amel Carla’s current busyness

Dream – Actress Amel Carla now has a new activity outside of her role as a celebrity. This 16 year old girl is currently active as a Youtuber. He claimed to have been active as a Youtuber since 2014.

“Now he’s busy playing Youtube. Amel started playing Youtube since 2014, and then he went on hiatus, then he was active again in 2015,” said Amel Carla in Sarinah, Central Jakarta, Monday, July 31 2017.

Amel said that the Youtube content that is often uploaded has the theme of family, mothers, children, and tutorials make up and cook. Now the girl who is identical to the front bangs already has 1.5 million viewers.

According to him, the content he uploaded received mixed responses. many people like it, but not a few also have a lopsided opinion. But he was not discouraged as his intention was only to entertain.

“Many also comment that they don’t like it. Yes, for Amel, if you don’t like it, why watch it. Indeed, Amel created Youtube to entertain people,” he said.

According to the woman who was born in Bontang, July 25, 2001, she is active on Youtube, besides being able to entertain others, she can fill her spare time with positive things. Beyond that, it can make money.

“Instead of being stuck at home, it’s better to make Youtube. Besides, if Youtube is popular, we can earn a few dollars. It’s quite entertaining and also makes money,” he added.

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Back to Filming Again, Amel Carla: The Film Industry Must Be Revived

Dream – In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indonesian film industry has begun to be actively produced again. One of them is the film The Other Side, whose story is based on Wattpad.

Amel Carla is one of the artists involved in the teen film. This 19-year-old girl admitted, her involvement in the film, whose story has been read by 18.5 million times. Because he really misses being able to shoot again.

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“Honestly, I miss shooting because if I’m at home I’m a bit bored. To channel my hobby, keep shooting,” said Amel Carla in Jakarta.

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The Film Industry Must Be Revived

Even though filming was in the midst of a pandemic, for Amel it was not a problem. Because the film industry must be kept alive, the most important thing is that when shooting, you must follow health protocols.

“The industry must be revived, so keeping it safe during a pandemic is very difficult. To channel a hobby, keep shooting,” he said.

Uniquely for this film, all players are prohibited from telling what characters they play. According to Girry Pratama, the director, this was done in order to give the audience a curious impression later.

“The reason may be simple, if I tell you who the character is, after the film is finished, they are done. I think they are the same. So there is no difference, the main character or the supporting actor,” said Girry.

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For The Other Side, it tells the story of a teenage drama, namely Alea who decides to move from Bandung to Jakarta because she wants to forget her ex, Reynand, who is cheating on her with her own friend.

Apart from Amel Carla, this film is made by Pamela Bowie, Wulan Guritno, Marcellino Lefrandt, Syakir Daulay, and Davina Karamoy.

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