To Work Well These 5 Foods To Avoid After Vaccination

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Eating junk food. (Freepik/Edited by 1NEWS)

In addition to the body condition that must be fit, food intake can also affect the effectiveness of the vaccine that has entered the body.

Someone who has a healthy and fit condition can certainly get the vaccine. This is so that the injected vaccine can be well received by the body and in order to avoid complications that occur.

The key to a healthy body and a strong immune course comes from nutritional intake. That way, it is important to maintain the intake of food that comes in so that the vaccine can work properly. Either before or after vaccination.

Launching from the page Eat This (14/9), here are 5 foods that should be avoided so that the effectiveness of the vaccine works well.

1. Sweetened Drinks

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Drinks with sweeteners and soda are not recommended because they do not have health benefits. It can actually trigger health problems such as diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and so on.


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