Very Sultan, Anang & Ashanty Plan to Build 30…

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1NEWS – Celebrity couple Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty announced shocking news.

Through his Instagram account, Ashanty conveyed his plans to build a villa.

Ashanty revealed that the villa is located in Bali.

“Hi everyone, so our plan is to build a villa in Bali, the location is 30 minutes from Canggu,” said Ashanty, Tuesday (14/9).

Even more surprising, Ashanty said that he did not only build one villa unit.

Unmitigated, Anang and Shanty plan to build 30 units of villas.

“30 units of villas with affordable prices, good views, and a nice environment,” explained Ashanty.

However, continued Aurel Hermansyah’s mother has not explained in detail the process of building the villa.

He also admitted that he was still looking for a name for the villa.

At the end of his upload, Ashanty also asked his followers about a good name for the villa he was going to build.

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“What’s a good name, huh?” added Ashanti. (ded/jpnn)

Check out this fun video:


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