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The moment the little boy was put to sleep in the motorcycle seat went viral. The child sleeps soundly as the mother enjoys a bowl of ice on the side of the road.
The video was shared by the TikTok account @ohmemey__. Until this news was published, the video was viewed at least 830 thousand times and received 24 thousand likes.

The mother said she was taking her son on a trip. However, the child actually fell asleep so he put it in the motorcycle seat. The appearance of a child sleeping in the motorcycle seat itself looks so strange. Even so, the little boy actually seemed to be sleeping soundly and comfortably.

“Dijak Dolan even went down, Yowes Turuke, the seat was important to stay comfortable on the deck. (You were invited to play instead of sleeping, so you just put it in the seat, the important thing is that it’s comfortable, deck). #fyp,” wrote the mother as a TikTok caption.

In the video, the child’s body and head fit perfectly in the motorcycle seat. He sleeps with a cloth under it so it’s not hard. While the child’s feet slightly out of the motorcycle seat. A light breeze seemed to blow so that the child fell asleep even more.

The motorbike itself is parked right beside the ice shop. Meanwhile, the boy’s mother sat in front of the shop while enjoying a bowl of fruit ice. He ate ice while taking care of his son who was fast asleep. The location of the shop itself is located on the edge of a deserted rice field.

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