Viral! The story of the beautiful French Caucasians attracted by Acehnese men and then married after becoming a convert | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – Tiphanie Poulon is a beautiful Caucasian with French citizenship who is attracted to a man from Aceh named Amal. Even though they have religious and cultural differences, that is not a barrier to their love. In fact, Tiphaine was willing to convert to Islam in order to marry Amal.

The beginning of the relationship between Amal and Tiphaine appeared in public when Iphaine, who works as a model, shared her story before deciding to convert to Islam. Her decision was brokered by Amal, the Acehnese man who managed to make her fall in love.

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In her TikTok account, Tiphaine recounts the beginning of her first meeting with Amal. That’s when charity becomes tour guidehim while he was in Aceh. In the video he shared, Tiphaine is seen trying to wear a scarf to cover part of her hair.

“This is the beginning of my story. I went to Aceh in May 2018 for the first time. I cover my hair with a scarf to show my respect for the Acehnese people,” wrote Tiphaine, as a description in the video, quoted Sunday (12/9/2021).

Tiphaine became more and more interested in studying Islamic religion after visiting Aceh and getting to know Amal. He felt there was a difference when he was taught Islam by Muslims in France and the Acehnese man he loved.

“Every day I learn little by little about Islam. And at that time I felt very different from what my French Muslim friends were trying to teach me.” Tiphaine’s story.

“Maybe because the one who taught me was the person I fell in love with. Several months passed so I finally decided to convert to Islam even though I was a little scared. I learned Al-Fatihah, I learned to pray,” he added.

Tiphaine admitted that she really liked the atmosphere of the month of Ramadan. Especially when he passed his first holy month, he became more and more determined on his decision to become a convert. He also feels proud because now he has become a Muslim.

“I am entering my first Ramadan. I really liked it and at that moment I realized that I was very happy with my choice. Now I am proud to be a Muslim after two years have passed.” he continued.

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