Vocational High School Students Send DM Invite Girls to Eat, Turns out the School Teacher’s Chat Account | 1NEWS

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Funny Comments Warganet

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After the video was shared, it immediately grabbed the attention of netizens. They immediately laughed at the behavior of the student and teacher. So far, it is known that the video has received more than 3 thousand likes and 100 comments.

it’s time to give up Woody, already embarrassed haha,” wrote the kancane Jesus_

and he is still studying hard,” wrote renzyyy

auto absent from school,” wrote Babang Kojek

embarrassed to pass Lu ngab alsksosk,” wrote Hj Muhajir

Wow sadad,” wrote notmeyah

got mentally,” wrote Rangga Renge790

I’ve been too bro,” wrote the adopted child.

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