With a rumbling stomach, Grandpa is willing to walk 3 KM, even though his legs are also limping – 1NEWS

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Apparently his merchandise is often not finished, walking around along Grandpa Sohibi’s street selling his goods, he sells tofu, mini martabak etc. Those are the merchandise that their friends have left for them, which if they run out, they are paid 10 to 15 thousand rupiahs. If it doesn’t run out, Grandpa can’t do anything.

He only got tired. Grandpa often rested on the side of the road, because he was fasting. “Grandfather is already difficult in the world, he doesn’t want to be difficult in the hereafter too” said Grandpa

Apparently, Grandpa’s legs were a little limp because of pain, on the soles of his feet there were fish eyes. It hurts, said Grandpa. Grandpa had never had it checked, which should have been operated on but grandpa just forced him to walk every day.

“It’s hard to just eat, not even the money for treatment,” said Grandpa Grandpa lives with his wife at home. Sometimes his wife becomes a farm laborer in the fields, but now he is quiet from calls to the fields. Just looking for wood for cooking needs. “Grandpa selling like this walking around to eat, if grandfather’s merchandise is not finished, grandfather can’t eat” he said

at an old age, grandfather is still on the streets selling, sadly in the current condition that people rarely leave the house, grandfather’s merchandise often does not run out.

Already fasting, grandfather came home still confused about what to eat Grandpa also chose to walk away from home to bojong for profit. For the sake of a mouthful of rice and provide for his wife. Grandpa is sad when his merchandise has not run out and it is noon. Grandpa was holding back crying alone on the side of the road. Rubbing his stomach because he was thirsty while fasting.

Carrying his wares, grandfather is sick all over his body, his body is very fragile. Grandpa only took over-the-counter medicine when he was sick which when he bought it was only 2 thousand.

Seeing his house, grandfather also wanted to fix the hole in the roof, so it wouldn’t leak again when it rained. And no longer in arrears to pay for electricity. “Grandpa’s money is often not enough to set aside electricity bills,” said Grandpa.

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