With Rukyah Mode, the Leader of this Islamic Boarding School even molested 2 pregnant women | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – Having sex with a woman until she becomes pregnant, a Ustaz named Ahmad Kholil who is the head of a boarding school (ponpes) in West Kotawaringin (Kobar) Regency, Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan) tricked the victim with the rukyah mode.

The perpetrator was later named a suspect in a sexual harassment case. In addition, he also planted the victim who was a woman who was very pregnant. West Kotawaringin Police Chief, AKBP Devy Firmansyah said this incident was revealed after the victim reported to the Kobar Police SPKT.

Initially, the first victim with the initials LF and her husband on Sunday, September 5, 2021 at around 23.55 WIB went to Ponpes Nurul Hikmah, Pandu Senjaya Village SP 4 Block B. They came to the Ponpes to consult on household matters.

When he arrived at the Islamic boarding school, LF then told Ahmad Kholil of his household problems. After that, Ahmad Kholil ordered LF’s husband to look for water at the border. When LF’s husband was looking for water in the border area, suddenly Ahmad Kholil offered LF to perform a series of gathering rituals.

But because LF refused to do so, then Ahmad Kholil threatened LF to separate from her husband and child. Feeling afraid, LF then complied with Ahmad Kholil’s wish to have sex. At that time, LF was pregnant with about 8 months of pregnancy.

“Then out of necessity and fear, the victim finally said that she was willing to participate in the ritual of gathering siri. In the end, the accused had sexual relations with the victim. It is known that when the victim (LF) was pregnant and the gestational age of the victim was around 8 (eight) months, ” said the West Kotawaringin Police Chief at the Konar Police Headquarters Monday, September 13, 2021.

It turned out that the victim was not only LF. In February 2021 at around 20.30 WIB, a 4-month pregnant woman with the initials T also became a victim of Ahmad Kholil with the same incident. T who at that time came for a consultation because her husband did not come home.

T, who came with his friend, was told to go into Ahmad Kholil’s room. Meanwhile, T’s friend was asked to buy mineral water at the shop. While in the room the victim refused the perpetrator’s offer to be rukyah by means of sexual intercourse.

“Then the complainant was invited to enter the reported room. Suddenly the reported party asked the complainant whether he wanted to be rukhiyah with sexual intercourse or not. However, at that time the complainant refused.” said the West Kotawaringin Police Chief.

“Then the complainant felt afraid and was forced to finally be willing to follow rukhiyah by being sexually assaulted by the reported party, and finally the reported party had sexual relations like husband and wife with the complainant. It is known that when the victim was sexually assaulted by the suspect, the victim was 4 months pregnant.” continued the West Kotawaringin Police Chief.

As a result of his actions, now Ahmad Kholil must be held accountable for his actions. He is threatened with Article 289 of the Criminal Code with a penalty of 9 years in prison.

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