Accused of wanting to become a lawyer for Marlina Oktoria because of a mission of revenge, Sunan Kalijaga says this!

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Taqy Malik's father bluntly reveals the reason for marrying Marlina who turns out to be a former adult magazine model

Taqy Malik, Mansyardin Malik, Marlina Oktoria (Various sources/Edited by 1NEWS)

The case of sexual misconduct allegedly committed by Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, caused quite a stir in the public. Mansyardin allegedly forced his wife, Marlina Oktoria, to have anal sex. In fact, Marlina admitted that she was also forced to have sex during her period.

In handling her case this time, Marlina collaborated with a well-known lawyer who was none other than Taqy Malik’s ex-in-law, Sunan Kalijaga. The public was also made to question and suspect that Salmafina Sunan’s father wanted to do this with a mission of revenge.

Sunan Kalijaga also denied the allegation of having a revenge mission through the Marlina Oktoria problem, to Mansyardin Malik. Sunan Kalijaga admitted that since he submitted his daughter’s divorce suit, Salmafina Sunan to the Religious Court against Taqy Malik, he no longer held a grudge.

He was actually grateful when the princess finally separated and could be separated from Taqy Malik.

“I am grateful, Alhamdulillah, it means that everything is gone and what are you doing with revenge?” said Sunan Kalijaga when contacted by recently.

“This is it, it’s not good for revenge, I tell you, every day I think about that person, I want to eat thinking about him. So, nothing. There is no grudge,” he continued.

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