Do this, Agnez Mo is even called the lover’s assistant!

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Do this, Agnez Mo is even called the lover's assistant!

Agnez Mo (Instagram/agnezmo)

Agnes Monica’s love story with Adam Rosyadi still continues to harvest blasphemy due to different religions. Many parties even continue to sneer about the togetherness of Agnes and the handsome model.

Both art lovers, Agnes and Adam often spend time together. Not only for work, Agnes, who is older than Adam, seems to be very comfortable with her lover.

In InstaStory, Agnes is again showing off a special moment with Adam. He leaned against Adam’s shoulder, smiling at the camera. Undeniably, Agnes’s facial aura implies falling in love. Unfortunately, the haters even flicked Adam who seemed to be enjoying himself.

“So it’s expensive to sell, it’s small. Break up, let’s break up,” said Netter.

“There are people who make emotions at this hour,” exclaimed the netter.

“Agnez and his assistant,” said Netter.

“I’m lazy because I’m dating Adam, Agnez doesn’t have any international works anymore????,” said Netter.

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