Her name appears on Princess Anne’s Instagram, Amanda Manopo Gives a ‘Reply’ Warning: Hold Scribble!

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Her name appears on Princess Anne's Instagram, Amanda Manopo Gives a 'Reply' Warning: Hold Scribble!

Amanda Manopo (Instagram/amandamanopo)

Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo often become hot conversations when they star in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Arya’s fame even extended to his small family with Princess Anne, who was also monitored by netizens.

Not long ago, Princess Anne gave a leaked message that entered her personal Instagram account. Princess Anne revealed a message from one of the netizens who said that Arya and Amanda’s relationship was God’s destiny.

Anne, how strong are you holding Arya saloka, if God has destined them (Arya and Amanda) to be in a match in the world, God willing, one day it will happen, because no one can resist God’s will. If it’s a child problem, so that ten children can Amanda give birth, she’s still young,” wrote a netizen on Princess Anne’s Instagram.

Princess Anne intends to respond to the message by posting it on Instagram Stories. Anne wrote a sarcastic sentence to reply to the message.

Mom… you’re in good health, boo… you’re a great role model, mom @rizantydarwis,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, Anne allowed Amanda’s name to be embedded in the message without any intention of deleting it. This was then disputed by Amanda’s fans who considered Princess Anne’s actions to be unwise.

Instead of knowing the riots that occurred and dragging her name for the umpteenth time, Amanda Manopo made an entertainment video. The video was uploaded by the @irvan_cokro account and re-uploaded by Amanda’s fans.

Amanda is seen smiling at the camera. He seemed to be moving his hands as if to support his chin. While smiling sweetly, the video caption was written

Tahaaann!!! Too much talking,” wrote Amanda in the video caption.

This made fans suspect that the message was deliberately made so that no fans responded to Princess Anne’s upload. Many fans gave support and reminded each other not to prolong this problem.

That’s right.. I’ve been reminded.. We who love Manda don’t talk about anything else… HOLD IT… even if it’s convenient for her to be discussed first,” wrote a fan in the comment column @shiper_aladin.

Silence is golden,” continued another.

Elegant and classy revenge.. there is no match,” added another.

Manda told us to hold it in, guys.. let’s hold it,” wrote another

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Those who don’t have an attitude are more curmudgeonly,” said a netizen.


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