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Drugs are a big threat to all countries. Strong addiction to drug abuse can damage the psyche of the younger generation. You could say it will slowly destroy their bright future. There is only opium and causes the wearer to commit acts of self-destruction to criminality.

The bad threat of drugs can be seen directly from the lives of residents in one corner of Kensington Street, Philadelphia, America. The close relationship between addicts and dealers there makes many people side by side with drugs. As a result, many bad things happened there. So what’s the situation like there? Here’s a portrait of life in Philadelphia’s drug red zone.

He is Meat Neal, because his addiction made him late in treating the Species disease that was eating away at his leg, eventually amputation was the last resort.

Mad Neal [Sumber gambar]

Jamie had to taste the bitter life, being impregnated and even near death because of this illegitimate thing.

Jamie [sumber gambar]

Carroll preferred to sleep during the day, as it helped him stay awake when the nights were fraught with danger.

Carroll is asleep [sumber gambar]

Melissa’s hands must be full of syringes, like it or not because she is still not free from addiction.

Injection marks [sumber gambar]

Despite her very young age, Tanya has to undergo a profession as an entertainer, her life is destroyed when her area is attacked by narcotics.

Tanya’s Life [sumber gambar]

Many of them actually come from out of town, but in order to be close to the city, they finally choose to move and work modestly to fulfill their addiction.

Garbage picker [sumber gambar]

Bobby sells a lot of drugs, but that brings him closer to violence and guns. Drugs instead of making a profit, instead attract problems one by one to come to him.

Bobby’s Life [sumber gambar]

Sarah’s hand was no longer able to take the injection, she finally chose to use her neck, and it was very painful.

Sarah injection [sumber gambar]

In the morning the roads were dirty and shabby, all because of the buying and selling activities and drug use that had been carried out at night.

City state [sumber gambar]

Local residents, several institutions, and the authorities had time to ‘clean up’ these addicts by taking them to rehabilitation, but instead many other users came there.

addicts [sumber gambar]

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This proves how bad the forbidden goods are on life. Both the user, the dealer, even the people around him are also affected. We should stay away from these illicit goods so that the future is not damaged by addiction.

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