3 Male Artists Known to be Religious but Accused of Embezzling People’s Funds

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Irwansyah and Medina Zein [Instagram]

1NEWS – The name Taqy Malik has again received public attention after being accused of embezzling Umrah funds. Not without reason, this figure who is known to be religious was suddenly accused of committing a disgraceful act.

Apart from Taqy Malik, there are two other artists who are known to be religious, who have been accused of embezzling funds. This has also attracted the attention of his family.

Who are you? The direct points of the series:

1. Irwansyah

Irwansyah and Medina Zein [Instagram]

Irwansyah was accused of embezzling joint business funds by Medina Zein. This also had time to break their friendship.

Medina Zein even went so far as to report Irwansyah to the police. However, now Irwansyah is not proven guilty.

2. Taqy Malik

Anwar BAB asks for clarity on Taqy Malik's umrah travel (instagram.com)
Anwar BAB asks for clarity on Taqy Malik’s umrah travel (instagram.com)

Serell Talib’s husband is accused of embezzling Umrah funds. This started when Adam Deni and Anwar BAB asked for a refund.

The travel department itself finally clarified. Taqy Malik did not immediately jump into the Umrah travel business.

3. Alvin Faiz

Alvin Faiz [Instagram]
Alvin Faiz [Instagram]

The son of Ustaz Arifin Ilham was not free from rumors of embezzlement of funds. Alvin Faiz was accused of embezzling public funds. He was asked for an external audit of public funds.

So, there are three artists accused of embezzling funds who are also known to be religious. Make the public excited!


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