4 Safe Ways to Overcome Twinkles in Toddlers. Easy and Minimal Risk!

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The thing that children often experience when playing outdoors is slipping. Twinkles are very common, especially those who like outdoor activities. It is undeniable that toddler age is an exciting time because they will be more explore lots of games especially in the free room. No wonder children often experience twinkles. For them, they may immediately rub it because they feel uncomfortable because there are things that irritate the eyes.

In fact, inclination is not only experienced when children play outdoors. Those who play at home can also experience it. Children who experience twinkles in the house and are found by their mothers, will usually be asked by their mothers to open their eyes to be blown. This method is done so that dust or other objects that cause flickering can come out and the child feels comfortable again.

But this method turns out to be less effective, Moms. To be on the safe side, here are some of the easiest and safest ways to deal with twinkles in children!

1. Take advantage of cotton buds or wet cotton that has been moistened with boiled water

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It would be more practical to use cotton buds, but if you don’t have one, you can use cotton. Moms can wet cotton or cotton buds with boiled water, then wipe the corners of the eyes outwards. This method is effective for removing dust or dirt that causes flickering.

2. Wash your baby’s eyes with clean water. Try to use warm water, Moms

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The way that can be done here is to prepare a small container filled with warm water. Next, Moms can ask your little one to dip his twinkling eyes into the container while blinking. This is done so that the dirt that makes the twinkle finally come out.

3.Using special eye drops for children to be safer

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The reason is, adult eye drops have a different composition for children. Moms can give your little one special children’s eye drops when they are squinted. This will help the dust particles out naturally so the eyes will be comfortable again.

Don’t let your little one rub their eyes because it will only make their eyes red and irritated

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Spontaneously, children will rub their eyes when twinkles. This will actually cause eye irritation. When you happen to not find your child when they have twinkles, you should provide education because the condition of the child’s hands is not always clean so that when rubbing them it will be more irritated.

Children’s reactions when they experience twinkles are different. Some spontaneously rub and some even cry because they are uncomfortable. For that, it’s important for Moms to tell your little one not to rub it right away. Rubbing will only irritate him, especially if his hands are dirty. That’s a safe way to deal with twinkle in toddlers. Hope it’s useful, Moms!

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