5 Personality Types Based on Daily Eating Habits

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1NEWS – Consciously or not, everyone has their own eating patterns and habits. There are people who usually finish their food quickly and can eat anything. There is a habit of eating slowly, enjoyed slowly. There are people who just want to eat picky. Very careful and have to weigh what he should eat and not.

Apparently, the way and eating habits also describe at least about the person’s personality. Which one do you include?

1. Eat slowly

There are certain of us, who eat leisurely and enjoy every bite and bite. Don’t be in a hurry and don’t want to be rushed. They are usually easy going people in real life. Sometimes they take a long time to complete one task and move on to another.

2. Eat Fast

People who used to finish food in just 5 minutes, are usually good at multitasking. They are also very competitive and always try to get things done at once

3. Picky, the picky eater

There are people who are very picky. In restaurants, usually will ask a lot of questions related to the menu or ask to remove this and that, or add this and that on the food menu. People in this category are usually afraid to go out of their comfort zone. They just do what they know well and don’t want to take any risks. Fear of failure.

4. The Food Stylist

Those who fall into this category, generally do not like when their food is messy. From the way it is served, etc., they keep everything organized, neat and pleasing to the eye. Usually, this is also seen from the condition of the house and its spaces, it must also be neat. They hate seeing things fall apart. This type, are perfectionists.

5. Loves to Mix All Foods

Yes, if we look at it, people like to mix all kinds of food at once in their plate. Such people are usually friendly and dare to take on many responsibilities in their workplace. However, as a result, they are often tired, because all the things they want to do.


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