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The New Indonesia League (LIB) as the operator of the Indonesian football competition has warned of arrears in player salaries that occurred in Liga 2 participating clubs, Central Kalimantan Putra.

It was discovered that players’ salary arrears in Central Kalimantan were discovered following the election of the club nicknamed Laskar Isen Mulang as the host of Liga 2 2021.

Kalteng Putra, which is headquartered at the Tuah Pahoe Stadium, was chosen to host Liga 2 2021 along with three other teams.

The three other teams that were also appointed to host Liga 2 2021 are Sriwijaya FC, Dewa United, and Persis Solo.

The appointment of the club as the host of Liga 2 is carried out directly by PT LIB.

After Central Kalimantan Putra was known to be one of the hosts of Liga 2 2021, news of salary arrears began to be heard from the former player, I Gede Sukadana.

I Gede Sukadana, who is now performing with PSMS Medan, quipped that Central Kalimantan Putra had not paid two months’ salaries for his former players.

He said, Central Kalimantan Putra was in arrears for the player’s remuneration for three years.

“It’s strong, yes, it hasn’t been paid off, it’s been 3 years, you can host it,” I Gede Sukadana quipped through his Instagram Story.

Through this upload, I Gede Sukadana seemed surprised by the willingness of Central Kalimantan to host Liga 2 2021.

The reason is, in PT LIB’s letter it is written that the host club must bear the entire cost of the match.

This includes local transportation costs for participants with details of one bus unit for each participant that will be used throughout the competition.

However, at the same time, Kalteng Putra has not completed its responsibilities as a club, namely paying the salaries of the players.

In responding to this issue, LIB as the operator of the Indonesian soccer competition claimed to have given a warning to Central Kalimantan Putra.

LIB also said that Central Kalimantan was ready to resolve the issue of player salaries, which in recent days has become a public concern for Indonesian football.

“We already know and have given a warning (about salary arrears), and Central Kalimantan Putra is ready to resolve it,” said PT LIB President Director, Akhmad Hadian Lukita, to KOMPAS.com, Saturday (18/9/2021) afternoon WIB.

In an effort to ensure the payment of player salaries by Central Kalimantan Putra to the players, LIB has given a deadline.

Akhmad Lukita explicitly said that Central Kalimantan Putra had to pay off player salary arrears by October 10, 2021 at the latest.

If the payment has not been made until it exceeds the specified deadline, Central Kalimantan Putra will not be allowed to compete in Liga 2 2021.

LIB will also not look for a replacement club so that the 2021 Liga 2 will continue to roll without the participation of Central Kalimantan Putra.

However, the LIB still has to look for participating clubs who are willing to host Liga 2 2021.

“Of course you can’t play. There is no substitute,” said Akhmad Lukita regarding the consequences that will be received by Central Kalimantan if the club cannot settle the salary arrears until October 10.

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