Academics: Political Slapstick Appears Approaching Presidential Election…

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1NEWS – Political observer Zaki Mubarak bluntly mentions that there are many political jokes approaching the 2024 presidential election.

“One of them is the phenomenon of Novel Bamukmin who wants to run as a vice presidential candidate,” explained Zaki Mubarak to 1NEWS, Saturday (16/9).

According to the academic from the State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, in democracy funny things like that often appear.

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“It’s good, really, so that politics won’t be too tense, it can relax political nerves,” he said.

Some of the names which he said were political jokes included the Deputy Secretary General of PA 212 Novel Bamukmin, KSP Main Expert Staff Ali Mochtar Ngabalin, Politician Ruhut Sitompul, and Ferdinand Hutahaean.

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“It’s okay to attack each other once or twice. After that laugh at each other,” he explained.

Unfortunately, continued Zaki Mubarak, the community needs someone who is independent, has integrity, and is visionary.

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“Those who are able to raise the dignity of the nation,” he said.

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