ART Asks for Sarwendah’s Help to Repair Home Furniture, Got Omel Iis Dahlia

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Sarwendah fixes damaged furniture.  (Youtube/TransTVOfficial)

Iis Dahlia scolds ART Sarwendah. (Youtube/TransTVOfficial/Instagram)

1NEWS – Recently, Sarwendah went viral because she was seen washing her own clothes without the help of ART (Household Assistant). Ruben Onsu’s wife also reaped various praise comments.

Iis Dahlia also had time to ask this directly to Sarwendah. Reporting from Youtube Trans TV Official, Sarwendah admits that it is true that he often does this.

Sarwendah fixes damaged furniture. (Youtube/TransTVOfficial)

Not only washing clothes, even Sarwendah also often fixes damaged house furniture. ART Sarwendah even looked for her figure when she asked for help. “Mom, the water is clogged in the washing machine,” said one of the household members.

“There’s a great assistant here, then the water gets clogged, he’s looking for me. Then the toilet can’t be flushed, I’m looking for it,” said Sarwendah.

He also joked whether he would be better off opening a service at his home. This is because Sarwendah can clean clogged drains so that the toilet cannot be flushed. “Shouldn’t I just open a service?” said Sarwendah.

Sarwendah fixes damaged furniture.  (Youtube/TransTVOfficial)
Sarwendah fixes damaged furniture. (Youtube/TransTVOfficial)

Iis Dahlia immediately scolded ART Sarwendah who did not help her employer when fixing the clogged water in the washing machine.

“The one who installed you, son, the person from earlier on his mother taught him that it was even better to be a foreman at this stage,” said Iis Dahlia.

Iis Dahlia scolds ART Sarwendah.  (Youtube/TransTVOfficial)
Iis Dahlia scolds ART Sarwendah. (Youtube/TransTVOfficial)

“Yes, it’s really strange in this house,” said Sarwendah. Wow, the ART just asked for Sarwendah’s help to fix the damaged furniture. It’s so cool!


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