Avoid a Pinhole Hood with this Trick! | 1NEWS

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How to do?

One of the accounts on TikTok, @teenagersconcepts, share tricks to solve this one problem. A unique and easy-to-follow trick, can help you overcome this one problem.

To follow this trick you only need a rubber band, scissors, and a safety pin or pin that you normally use.

At the beginning of the video, this woman from Malaysia shows her veil, which is perforated by a safety pin. After that he showed a trick to solve this one problem.

First, prepare a rubber band, and cut it into small pieces. After the rubber band has become a small part, you just need to take a safety pin or pin that you will use.

Insert the rubber that has been cut into a safety pin, until it reaches the end. Usually this is the end that will cause the hood to be damaged and perforated.

The safety pins are ready to use on the hood, and won’t cause the hood to crack or break again.

You can really do this easy way, for those of you who don’t want the hood to be damaged by a pin. In this way you can also make the veil you have more durable.

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