Cie, Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani to take their pre-wedding photos in America!

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Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani (Instagram/@duljaelani)

1NEWS – While in the United States later, the artist couple Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani do not want to miss a valuable opportunity. They will do pre-wedding photos there.

“We will also take photos, maybe it can be a photo wearing a suit, so later if the pre-wedding will take photos in America,” said Dul Jaelani when met in the Kebon Jeruk area, West Jakarta, Friday (17/9/2021).

Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani (Instagram/@duljaelani)

Previously, Dul was invited by his mother, Maia Estianty and his next father, Irwan Mussry, to live and have a career in the United States. Maia and her husband have now left for America.

Not only Dul Jaelani, Tissa Biani was also invited. According to Dul, the mother knows that long-distance relationships are not good. “You know that LDR doesn’t taste good, so Tissa is also invited,” said Dul Jaelani.

Dul Jaelani (
Dul Jaelani (1NEWS)

Not wanting to procrastinate, Dul and Tissa have already taken care of the visa. They are still waiting for the right time when they will leave for the US.

The plan, Maia and Irwan will return to Indonesia first. Only after that, they were busy leaving for the United States. “God willing, we will go together,” said Dul.

Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani do a wedding scene [Instagram/tissabiani]
Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani do a wedding scene [Instagram/tissabiani]

“Hopefully it’s a good time to go there, so we can be together,” he said again.

In addition to pre-wedding photos, Dul has prepared many agendas while he was there. Pilgrimages to the graves of legendary musicians such as Kurt Coban and Jimi Hendrix are some of them.

Dul also can’t wait to visit the late Kurt Cobain’s house in Seattle and sit in the chair that the Nirvana vocalist often uses when writing lyrics. [Muhammad Anzar Anas]


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