Covid-19 Pandemic, Gus Muhaimin: The State Must Be Present to Overcome Migrant Worker Problems

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Pandemi Covid-19, Gus Muhaimin: Negara Harus...

ACCURATE.CO The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic is not only a problem at home, but also a big problem for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) abroad.

In a number of destination countries, the problems faced by PMIs are not only related to the threat of life safety due to Covid-19, but also about survival due to the lockdown that applies in several countries so that they cannot work.

Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives for the Coordination of People’s Welfare, Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar (Gus Muhaimin) said that the state must be present in the midst of the entanglement of the problems of migrant workers.

“Provide optimal protection for these foreign exchange heroes. There must be solutions regarding short-term procedural problems as well as pandemic problems. This requires serious attention,” said Gus Muhaimin when giving a speech at a webinar entitled “Gus Muhaimin Hears Indonesian Migrant Workers: Migrant Workers, State Protection and Local Economic Development virtually, Saturday (18/9/2021).

Various problems faced by PMIs over the past two years in various destination countries such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and various other countries, require the government and this nation to take more significant and strategic steps to overcome problems and solutions for PMIs.

The head of the Supervisory Team for the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PPMI) said that in recent weeks, he has chaired meetings with relevant parties to address PMI issues. Among other things, Immigration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulates, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Social Affairs and cross-ministerial to create a complete series of activities regarding the return and anticipation of the condition of PMIs.

According to him, in the economic context, becoming a migrant worker is a rational choice that can be made by some citizens in the midst of difficult job opportunities, unemployment and economic pressure in the country.

“The growth of the workforce that is not proportional to the growth of job opportunities has made it a choice, becoming a migrant worker is an alternative option that can be done,” he explained.

Therefore, facing various problems of migrant workers, the actions taken by the government should not only be reactive. For example, stopping the sending of migrant workers without thinking about long-term policies in the form of a more empowering policy package.


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