Darma is really good at making me happy when I’m pregnant, Aaah

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1NEWS – Husband and wife relationship is not always fun, sometimes there are some things that need to be done to make the couple excited again.

My name is Dina, I am a housewife since Darma proposed to me.

However, our love relationship did not always go well due to various problems. Especially on the problem of my excessive demands.

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Not only that, every night I also always ask for various things so that I feel good and comfortable.

“Honey, I want this,” I said, asking Darma.

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“Oh, I’m really tired, tomorrow, okay?” he answered.

“Just a moment, come on, I’m also really tired after cleaning the house,” I said.

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“Yes, I’m here for a massage, just 5 minutes, okay,” he said.

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