Indro comments sharply on three guys who look like Warkop: You should know the morals

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Indro Warkop.  Photo: Instagram

Lately, three men who are similar to the comedy group Warkop have been busy on social media. They are said to have a physical appearance similar to Indro, the late Dono, and the late Kasino Warkop. Getting massive response from netizens, this group is known to name themselves as Warkopi.

The three are Alvin as Indro, Dimas as Kasino, and Sapriyadi as Dono. Not only that, they have also appeared in several television shows with comedic style and typical Warkop clothing.

But unexpectedly, apparently Indro Warkop gave the three young men a spicy kick. In a comment on one of the uploads on Instagram, Indro alluded to moral and ethical issues. According to him, the three youths have not asked for permission from Warkop or the deceased’s family.

Indro Warkop. Photo: Instagram

“If you are genuine and really fans or fans of Warkop, you should know the MORAL of Warkop DKI. And, I should be offended that there are people who, without any ethics, in a coordinated manner state that they look like warkop without pigs to those who have a body (which they look like),” Indro wrote.

The comments of the senior comedian were no doubt responded to variously by netizens. Some have guessed that the Warkop trio had not first met the original Warkop family. However, there are also netizens who think that it is just a joke so it doesn’t need to be taken seriously.

“From the start they appeared suspicious that they didn’t ask for permission, then the story of the son of the original Warkop member also led to this,” wrote a netizen.
“It’s wrong, really, you should at least get the original permission first. Be polite and upload it,” said another netizen.
“It’s okay, they’re just making fun of it, netizens are also viral.”

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