Jokowi and Anies Baswedan Convicted of Guilty for Jakarta Pollution Case. What is it?

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Climate change is one of the most frequently discussed environmental issues by the world community. Many people believe that our earth is old and threatened because of the amount of air pollution and deforestation that occurs on earth. Air pollution is a serious problem in many places. One of them is in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

As we all know, the air quality in Jakarta is arguably the worst. The density of vehicles creates tremendous pollution that must be swallowed by the people who inhabit the city. Concerns then arose which ended in a lawsuit against Jakarta’s air pollution problem against President Joko Widodo and the governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan. After being filed, the court has determined that Jokowi and Anies Baswedan are guilty of the pollution case of the capital.

Indonesian President Jokowi and other officials including DKI Jakarta Governor Anis Baswedan were found guilty of air pollution cases in the city of Jakarta

President Jokowi and other officials found guilty of Jakarta’s air pollution/Credit: Kompas

President Jokowi and other officials, including DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, were found guilty of their negligence in dealing with air pollution in the capital Jakarta. The Panel of Judges of the Central Jakarta District Court decided that the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the Minister of Environment and Forestry, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Home Affairs, and three governors, namely the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, the Governor of Banten, and the Governor of West Java, had taken legal actions and were responsible for the pollution. the air in the capital during this time.

Having been found guilty, each defendant received a different sentence and was obliged to serve it. Especially for President Jokowi, he must tighten the national ambient air quality book which is sufficient to protect human health based on technological developments. Meanwhile, the punishment for other defendants such as the Minister of Environment and Forestry as well as provincial governors is to monitor and tighten emissions across provincial borders.

Melanie Subono as a public figure who is also the plaintiff wrote her happiness for the victory of the people against the President of the Republic of Indonesia and other officials related to this air pollution case.

The news of the community’s victory against these officials is certainly good news. One of the activists and celebrities, Melanie Subono also feels happy with this decision. Melanie is known to be one of the 32 plaintiffs for this air pollution issue. Through her personal Instagram page, Melanie writes her pride and gratitude for the struggle she has done to protect the environment from excessive air pollution.

In addition to expressing her happiness, Melanie also explained in the beginning why she took part in suing the officials. Through the same post, Melanie said she was very sad because Jakarta is often the most polluted city in the world. Because of that he also tries to reduce air pollution. His efforts include not owning a car, not having a hairdryer, microwave and other items. He also reduces cigarette consumption so that the pollution is also slightly reduced. “At the start of this lawsuit, I didn’t have a car anymore. No hairdryer, microwave and others. And today I have succeeded in reducing cigarettes from two packs to 5 cigarettes and gradually have to go down,” Melanie wrote.

Yes, hopefully this victory can produce maximum results in the case of air pollution. Hopefully the officials who are found guilty take punishment and take more serious efforts to deal with this pollution issue. Meanwhile, we as a society must also take part in reducing pollution starting from ourselves.

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