Kristian Liem’s ​​Reason for Accepting Dewa United Surabaya’s proposal

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1NEWS, Ex ‘big man‘ Satria Muda, Kristian Liem officially joined Dewa United Surabaya to navigate IBL 2022. The 201 cm basketball player was introduced by the club on Wednesday (15/9) ago.

There is a basic reason that makes the 27-year-old basketball player accept Dewa United Surabaya’s proposal. He admitted to looking for one thing that could not be obtained at his old club.

“When I was given the trust of Dewa United, actually I was not grandiose. I only need one minute, which is playing minutes, and I will show my best game,” said the basketball player who dropped out of UPH.

He admits that playing minutes will have a big impact, especially on the mental game. Kristian hopes that what he is looking for can be realized by coach Andika ‘Bedu’ Saputra in the IBL next season.

“When I was in the old team, I played very few minutes, it really affected the mental side. But from a physical point of view, luckily it doesn’t affect me because I keep practicing,” said Kristian, Saturday (18/9).

“In theory, as good as players are, if they are not given minutes to play, they are nonsense. If you want to practice anything like that, if you are not given playing time, you can’t develop.”

He also confirmed that his current physical condition was 100 percent fit. The injury that Liem had suffered some time ago has completely recovered.

“I did have an Achilles injury, it’s just that it’s healed and it’s 100 percent better. After the injury, I played in the President’s Cup and the Eagle Cup,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Dewa United Surabaya coach Andika ‘Bedu’ Saputra warmly welcomed Kristian Liem to his squad. He admits that Kris is indeed a player who fits his needs in the current team.

“I welcome Kristian Liem, congratulations on being part of the big family of Dewa United Surabaya. I am very confident in Kristian Liem because he has great potential for him,” said the coach who is familiarly called Bedu.

“How great potential I will try to spend to help me and the team next season. Kristian Liem is a skillful player, I can convince him to develop his potential.”

The management of Dewa United Surabaya provides a two-year contract for the player who often wears the number 99 jersey.

The joining of Kristian Liem to Dewa United Surabaya will enliven the competition for the ‘big man’ position in the main squad. Currently, Dewa United has several players who fill Center positions such as Leonardo Effendy and Lutfianes Gunawan.[]


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