Ricky Kevin Returns To The Singing World After 2 Years Of Vacuum – Latest Celeb News

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1NEWS – AFE RECORDS released a soloist who already has experience in the Indonesian music industry, who is also widely involved in the entertainment world, he is RICKY KEVIN, this young boy from Bandung is back after more than 2 years of not releasing his final work in 2021 through AFE RECORDS Ricky Kevin released the newest song.

Kevin has returned to enliven the Indonesian music industry by releasing his newest single, “Dear… Destroyer of the Heart”, which will be released on September 17, 2021. This song tells the story of disappointment and deep heartache over the betrayal of love. The lie he did left a very deep wound, until finally the pain he experienced was felt to make his life have to leave this relationship.

Tengku Shafick was asked for his help to become vocal director in the production of the music “Dear…Destroyer of hearts”, and changed the music composed by Ricky Kevin, “Actually, when the music is Dear.. this heartbreaker I accept is actually quite good to accompany the song, but with a little polish, and I focus more on Vocal Arrangement” Obviously Tengku Shafick.

Together with AFE Records, Ricky Kevin again opened his sheet of music to greet Indonesian music lovers who miss their works through the song “Dear…Destroyer of hearts” as he hoped, “I hope with this song I can greet music lovers in Indonesia again” said Ricky Kevin, welcome back Ricky Kevin, keep up the good work.

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