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Dul Jaelani considers Tissa Biani to be like her mother, Maia Estianty

Dream – Even though he often shows off his intimacy on social media, Dul Jaelani finds it strange when he shows his romantic side with his lover Tissa Biani, which many people watch live. This is how Dul felt when he collided with Tissa through the film Dear Imamku.

In this film, Dul and Tissa act as lovers who end their love story on the aisle.

In accordance with the theme, this film presents many intimate scenes. The storyline and the scenes that the director asked for made Dul feel like filming was like living daily life with Tissa.

“Thank God the romantic scene is not difficult, it’s just that we feel strange going out when seen by many people,” said Dul at Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Monday, May 10, 2021.

Despite feeling awkward, Dul tries to be professional by distinguishing between personal life and acting. Even though they are fighting in real life, Dul tries to provide romantic acting while filming.

“We think about how we don’t bring it to the set. Even though there is a problem, we just know it’s just the two of us,” he said.

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While on set, Dul initially felt awkward because acting was a new world for her. The presence of his lover Tissa made him feel quite comfortable acting.

Because of her comfort, Dul already considers Tissa like her own mother Maia Estianty, who always cares for and pampers her.

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“This Tissa has a motherly nature, huh. So Tissa is the one who replaces the mother who replaces my sister at the location. So if I want to be spoiled, I stay with Tissa,” said Dul.

While Tissa also felt the same way, she felt comfortable on the set with Dul.

“It’s nice to be comfortable, the shooting process is like dating, not like working anymore,” said Tissa.

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