The Political Process in Indonesia Doesn’t Run in an Orderly Way

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1NEWS – Chairman of the Indonesian Young Star (BMI) Farkhan Evendi said that the political process in Indonesia was not running in an orderly manner.

According to Farkhan, the political process in Indonesia is not structured in a clear path in determining the functions and roles of actors.

This he conveyed in the webinar “Observing the Role of Millennials in the 2024 Election” held by Swara Millenials Indonesia (SMI) on Friday (17/9).

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“Democracy in Indonesia is mostly carried out determined by the interests of the power or the elite,” he said during the webinar attended by 1NEWS.

Farkhan considers that this is a disease in a good democratic space in Indonesia.

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“This must be a common awareness in Indonesia,” he said.

Therefore, the role of the millennial generation is needed to treat the disease of democracy.

Farkhan said that the way that young Indonesians could do was by voicing how healthy the political process was.

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