Uh hurry! Rizky Billar’s friend said this about the news of Lesti Kejora’s pregnancy: It seems that he was given…

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Upload a photo of a kiss with Rizky Billar, Lesty Kejora is called too much!

Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar

Carpet entrepreneur Atta Ul Karim is known to have just visited the residence of Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora. He revealed that he came to share ideas with Lesti’s husband, Rizky Billar.

As a friend, he also said that he had prepared a carpet for Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora’s new home later. Launching from a video uploaded on the Cobaz TV YouTube channel, Friday (17/09/2021), Billar’s friend also blurted out about Lesti’s condition.

Many Lesti Kejora were accused of being pregnant first, she was also asked for her opinion about her best friend’s future baby. He was asked about Billar and Lesti’s plans about having children after marriage.

In my opinion, it seems like it was given by God to be accepted for sure, they don’t choose whether the child should be a girl or a boy,” said Rizky Billar’s friend.

When asked about the name for Rizky Billar’s future child, he was quick to reveal about Lesti Kejora’s condition.

Not yet, not pregnant yet later,” he said, confirming that Lesti was not pregnant.

Regarding the circulation of the skewed accusations, previously both Rizky Billar’s family and Lesti Kejora’s family had been asked for confirmation. However, from Lesti’s father to Billar’s father, all of them kept their mouths shut, including the manager. Not only that, his best friend also responded to Rizky Billar’s plan, which was rumored to be having a new house.

Still not later after having children maybe“explained Rizky Billar’s friend.

However, he said that if Billar had a new house, the carpet would be bought from him. He also has prepared a special design and only needs to adjust to the wishes of his friend later. Although friendly, Atta Ul Karim revealed that he would not give a special price to Rizky Billar.

I want to make a lot of profit from Billar, where do you want to take the money?,” concluded Rizky Billar’s friend.

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