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The action of a man who was desperate to kiss his ex-lover while becoming a bride has gone viral. The man even went so far as to be named “the bravest former”.
This moment was shared by the TikTok account @terlanjur*****. Until this news was published, the video had at least 550 thousand views and 20 thousand likes.

“Crazy ex-wanian. Crazy ex-brave,” wrote this account as a TikTok description. In the video, the man attends his ex-lover’s wedding. He then went up the aisle to congratulate the bride.

The man himself was very polite with the parents of the bride and groom. He greeted the parents of the bride and groom. In fact, the man also greeted the groom by kissing his hand. It made the groom smile kindly.

The man then shifts to the bride. He initially shook hands and kissed his ex-lover’s hand warmly. Suddenly, he grabbed the bride’s head and kissed her forehead. It didn’t stop there, the boy also hugged his ex-lover who had become another man’s wife.

His action was warmly welcomed by the bride. He hugged his ex-girlfriend tightly too. Suddenly, the reaction of the two became attention. The groom’s own reaction is also immediately salting or awkward. He rubbed his hands around his neck when he saw his wife being kissed by another man.

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