5 Important Points in Njoto’s Life, A Loving Family Figure Who Becomes the Enemy of the State – Boombastis

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For fans of Indonesian history, Lukman Njoto is definitely a familiar name. His involvement in the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) seems to be roller coaster in his life. Not only that, Njoto is also the figure behind the founding of Lekra.

From people who love art, to being a minister, to being considered dangerous as a PKI leader. His life line leads him as the most dangerous and wanted person in Indonesia. Despite his status as a banned party mover, Njoto is an interesting person to study.

In the eyes of the family, Njoto is a good father figure

Njoto, with his wife and children. [sumber gambar]

Even though he is busy with political activities, Njoto never forgets to be a father and a beacon to his family. Svetlana Dayani, Njoto’s eldest daughter, remembers him as a special father. Rarely angry and happy to accompany their children to learn. Njoto is also known as a simple genius. When he was appointed as Minister of State for the Republic of Indonesia, he preferred to ride a becak rather than his official car.

His love of reading led him to Marxism

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