Cuan Harvest Boarding House Business in the Pandemic Period | 1NEWS

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Lucky Still Can and Not Complicated

Welcoming this trend, Cove is also increasingly inviting property business people to work with experts to market and decorate the buildings that are their business. Present since 2018, Cove offers solutions for building owners who lack knowledge in marketing, and other things.

“We always make sure that every room will have stylish properties, from the best distributors by playing with modern colors,” he said.

A property owner, Adriana, has felt the fruits of this new business trend. Starting the property business with her husband since 2018, Adriana has to accept the fact that her business is not going well because of her status and her husband who both work.

“The good thing is that it is, fortunately, you can still get it, without being complicated, and you can stay focused on other activities,” said Adriana.

Currently, Cove has operations in more than 16 regions. The location of the managed property is in a strategic position such as near offices, shopping centers, to well-known universities.

(Report: Delfina Rahmadani)

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