It was doubtful, Takehiro Tomiyasu became Arsenal’s savior with his super ability – Boombastis

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Three consecutive defeats in the early Premier League matches left Arsenal adrift at the bottom of the standings. Bully here and there has become food every day. Predictions about relegation, a nightmare for every Arsenal fan.

ahead of deadline transfer player, here comes Takehiro Tomiyasu. Having doubted the quality, Tomiyasu is now considered a perfect purchase. Playing casually, exploring every inch of the field, presenting victory after victory for his team. Let’s get to know this Arsenal savior more!

Signed by Arsenal at the right time

Takehiro Tomiyasu, Arsenal’s perfect signing of the season. [sumber gambar]

At the start of the season, The Gunners already brought Ben White from Brighton & Hove Albion. But still, the back line staggered to withstand the onslaught of the opponent. Annoyed by the situation, Arsenal also poured 18.6 million euros to bring in Takehiro Tomiyasu from Italian Serie A club Bologna. Had doubts, Tomiyasu answered the coach’s trust with a brilliant game and victory.

Several times seen running out of steam at the end of the game

Arsenal fans welcome Tomiyasu. [sumber gambar]

Arsenal’s back line full of weakness? That question can be answered by looking at Tomiyasu’s condition at the end of the match. On social media, there are scattered uploads of photos and videos of Tomiyasu who was very tired after the long whistle was blown. This shows his hard work closing every hole in the defense. Even in the last match against Tottenham Hotspur, Tomiyasu made Son Heung-min helpless.

Arsenal’s fourth “Blue Samurai”.

Tomiyasu is the fourth Japanese player at Arsenal. [sumber gambar]

Takehiro Tomiyasu is not the first Japanese player at Arsenal. Before him there were famous names, such as Junichi Inamoto, Ryo Miyaichi, and Takuma Asano. The three of them don’t really play a significant role, so they sink so fast. Unlike Tomiyasu, who immediately had a big impact on the London Cannon game.

Takehiro Tomiyasu’s journey to set foot at Arsenal

Like any soccer player, Tomiyasu started from the bottom. His professional career began when he defended the club Avispa Fukuoka from 2015 to 2017. His slick game captivated one of the Belgian Pro League participants, Sint-Truiden. One season there, the 22-year-old defender recorded 27 appearances.

Tomiyasu is full of experience against great attackers. [sumber gambar]

The next offer came from Bologna. This 188 cm tall player also made his debut in the Italian Serie A in the 2019-2020 season. Noted, Tomiyasu was taken down 64 times. Fighting against great players also honed Tomiyasu’s defensive ability to make Arsenal bring him to London, England.

The answer to every problem at Arsenal

Together with Tomiyasu, Arsenal regained the confidence they lost in the first three games. Three wins won. Finally with a convincing result, three goals for one against Spurs. When the defense is solid with “cement” named Tomiyasu, the attackers are even more confident to attack.

Takehiro Tomiyasu is a smart solution for Arsenal’s defense. [sumber gambar]

Pushing from the bottom, Arsenal can now be proud of having penetrated the middle board. This Japanese national player seems to be the answer to all the problems at Arsenal.

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This significant change made Tomiyasu Arsenal’s new idol. But there is still a long way to go. There are still many tough opponents to face. If you are able to maintain consistency and stay away from injury, it is not impossible that Tomiyasu will bring Arsenal to compete to become the Premier League champions this season.

Amen, Gunners!

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