Viral Video Groom Kicks In-Law During the Marriage Ceremony

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The video of the commotion at the wedding ceremony has gone viral on social media. The incident in the video is known to be in Oimbo Village, Bima City, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

It looks like a man kicks the groom. From the video circulating, it is explained that the man who kicked the groom was his father-in-law. Initially, the in-laws sat opposite the bride and groom ready to carry out the marriage agreement.

However, when the bride’s father recited the istigfar and the shahada suddenly said the word ‘Bote’. Whereas in the Bima language, ‘Bote’ means monkey.

“Moreover, the problem is, respect us as his family. It’s not pleasant to hear about this kind of problem,” said one of the women in the video in the Bima language.

Not long after, the man suddenly went berserk and kicked his future son-in-law. In fact, it appears that the groom was hit by the kick. However, several people beside him immediately secured the man.


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