Women Must Know Men’s Anus, Dina Oktaviani: After Fluids

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1NEWS – Sexologist Dina Oktaviani bluntly revealed the benefits of women having to understand men’s sensitive points.

This was revealed by Dina Oktaviani in a video that aired on the Gue Sehat YouTube channel on August 25, 2021.

Dina Oktaviani revealed that it is very useful when having sex.

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“If you know these points, surely men’s passion will peak more,” explained Dina Oktaviani.

The result, according to Dina Oktaviani, will make bedtime more enjoyable and addictive.

“So, not only women who need to warm up before having sex,” he said.

According to doctor Dina Oktaviani, men don’t really need stimulation to make Anu stand up the first time they have sex.

“However, men will need the trigger after removing the fluid from the anus, if the husband and wife want to continue playing for the 2nd round and so on,” explained Dina Oktaviani.

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