​Remember the baby who used to cry and hug his mother’s body? Now Turned Into A Beautiful Girl: “Masha Allah!” – Gossip

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In December 2019, the virtual world was shocked by the viral touching video showing a toddler sobbing next to his mother’s body.

In the video that circulated, the toddler named Aqillasesha Adreena Setiawan was crying hysterically and calling for her mother who was already lying stiff.

In the video, Aqilla, who doesn’t know anything, seems reluctant to be left forever by her mother.

Relatives who witnessed also shed tears while stroking the head of Aqilla who was crying incessantly.

While crying, Aqilla’s hand continued to hold the face of her beloved mother’s body, as if asking her to open her eyes.

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Now, after almost a year, the toddler has grown into a healthy and beautiful child.

This is known from the upload of the father who told about his life with Aqilla after his wife left him for good.

1. The Father’s Speech

The upload to the @memoefriantto account shows a video of Aqilla’s father’s complaint after his wife left him.

Through his Instagram account, Insan Tonji, husband of the late Taufani Sahara, shared his struggles to get up since his wife left him.

“When your hijab business was busy, my wife left us for good. Until my son, who was only 1 year old at that time, could feel the loss of a mother and cried for a hug,” he wrote in the video.

2. Had Feeling Desperate

In his statement, Insan Tonji said that his wife’s departure had made him desperate to continue his life.

“My wife’s departure left me vulnerable and unable to run my business again. Finally, I thought I had to be strong, I had to be strong, I had to prove to the deceased that the business that we started together would be big. Alhamdulillah, currently the production of hijab sesa has started to rise again,” he said.

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3. The Child Grows Up To Be A Beautiful Girl

In the upload, Insan Tonji also shared the latest portrait of his son who has now grown into a beautiful daughter.

He shared a video when his son went to visit his wife’s grave while hugging the tombstone.

“I believe and believe that with these events there will be a lesson in happiness behind the trials we experienced with my son Aqillasesha Adreena Setiawan,” he concluded.

4. Last Message from the Mother

At the end of her life, her mother gave Aqilla the last message on her birthday. In the message, Aqilla’s mother hoped that her baby would be a strong child in the face of all kinds of obstacles.

The mother asked Aqilla to be confident and be herself.

“Happy birthday my little girl. Aqillasesha adreena Setiawan. April 22, 2018 is the day you were born into the world, bringing a happy smile to the family. The baby we dream of. All the best wishes to you my son.

Keep walking beside mama and papa, never let go of the grip of your little finger. When you grow up, you will still be my little child. When you walk, no matter how bad the day you go through, mama and papa will still be a home for you. No need to compare yourself with other people. another, because every child is unique and will never be the same.

Always show your best ability in trying anything. Be brave son, dare to show the world that every step you take will be a provision for your success.

Believe in yourself, son, so that everyone knows your ability to make your parents proud. Never try to change yourself to be like other people, because you can show the world that your day is beautiful. Speak softly, son, so that all respect you.

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Source: 1NEWS

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