7 Charm of Rita Gaviola Used to be a Beggar Now Turned So Beautiful And Joins Miss Universe Philippines | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – Rita Gaviola is a beautiful model from the Philippines who caught the public’s attention because of her difficult life story. Before becoming famous as now, Rita had been a beggar while taking care of his sister.

A photographer who happened to attend the Pahiyas Festival in Rita’s hometown, in Lucban, Quezon captured the moment when Rita became a beggar while taking care of her sister. The photo, entitled Badjao Girls, was secretly uploaded to cyberspace.

Her success started when she got a lot of public attention, including beauty queens in the Philippines. Several beauty queens try to bring Rita out of poverty. Now Rita is successful and famous, but she doesn’t forget herself and realizes where she came from.

Netizens are amazed by the changes in Rita’s career from time to time. Curious what Rita Gaviola’s portrait of change looks like? Here is quoted from brilio.net, Thursday (30/9/21) Rita’s transformation from beggar to eyeing the title of Miss Universe 2021.

1. Her appearance and beauty are increasingly visible when she becomes the public’s attention.

2. No matter her family background, Rita chooses to beg on the streets after she comes home from school.

3. Rita’s opportunity to change her fate she used as best she could until she became what she is now.

4. Due to her cultural background, Rita earned the nickname ‘Badjao Girl’.

Via : brilio.net

5. The 18-year-old model had received an offer to star in the reality show ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ in its seventh season. This opportunity made him even more famous.

Via : brilio.net

6. Not ashamed of her past life, Rita often shows off her old portraits that are full of simplicity.

Via : brilio.net

7. Rita wants to participate in the Miss Universe 2021 event, which if she wins, she will represent the Philippines.

Via : brilio.net