Ad Infinitum Releases MV ‘Afterlife’ Ahead of Album “Chapter II – Legacy”

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Ad Infinitum Releases 'Afterlife' MV Ahead of Album Release "Chapter II - Legacy'

Posted on: 09/30/21 at 11:00 am

Ad Infinitum, may be a foreign name for some people. But not for heavy metal fans. This symphonic metal band released their second song that really amazed me entitled ‘Afterlife’. The song is taken from their upcoming album to be released by Napalm Records. Titled Chapter II – Legacy, this new album is ready to be released on October 29, 2021.

Ad Infinitum -Chapter II - Legacy.
Physical format album appearance Chapter II – Legacy.

In the song, vocalist Melisa Bonny performs with Nils Molin, a vocalist of the melodic heavy metal band called Dynazty. With the release of the new song, they also included an MV (Music Video) which was released at the same time.

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The name Ad Infinitum is already familiar in the metal scene of the Scandinavian region. Through their debut album which was released in 2020, Chapter I – Monarchy become a reference for enthusiasm when the global pandemic is taking place. It is evident from the total number of listeners obtained through digital music player services which reach millions. On the other hand, the vocalist, Melissa Bonny, is often involved in collaborative content. As he did with the band Feuerschwanz when performing the song ‘Ding’ (song cover Seeed), this content has been viewed more than 2.6 million times on YouTube since its release.

In album Chapter II – Legacy it offers something different and very contrasting. The rock riffs sound like a typical Djent/metalcore riff style. The beat after beat sounded very harmonious wrapped in a melodic guitar slash. This gives a very modern touch to Ad Infinitum’s second album.

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Ad Infinitum’s Second Album Completed Without Involving Outside Producers

Regarding the process. Ad Infinitum’s second album was done by himself. This forced them to work hard for months because they did not involve outside music producers at all. For their collaboration, they invited Elias Holmlid to the orchestration section, which adds an element of beauty and splendor to every part of the song.

Nils Moli as guest vocalist on the song ‘AfterLife’ said, “Ad Infinitum are one of the few bands that made a big change on their second album. I’m really excited to contribute my vocals to a part of their song.”

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This album features 12 very complex songs arranged in a symphony orchestra. There are also elements of the hymn’s vocals that feel captivating and sometimes seem to lull the listeners.

Ad Infinitum - Chapter II - Legacy album cover.
Album cover Chapter II – Legacy.

Chapter II – Legacy Tracklists:

  1. “Reinvented”
  2. “Unstoppable”
  3. “Inferno”
  4. “Your Enemy”
  5. Afterlife (feat. Nils Molin)
  6. “Breathe”
  7. “Animals”
  8. “Into The Night”
  9. “Son of Wallachia”
  10. “My Justice, Your Pain”
  11. “Haunted”
  12. “Lullaby”

Author, Translator & Editor: Arslan Musyfia

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