Build a Mosque, this is actually Amanda Manopo’s religion of choice

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Amanda Manopo recently expressed a desire to build a mosque. He had announced this through social media uploads.

This is what makes the public question what Amanda’s religion is about. But in general, Amanda’s appearance confirms the matter of the teachings of her parents who have instilled her in her since she was born.

Build a Mosque, This Is Actually The Teaching That Amanda Manopo Chosen / Photo: Doc.Instagram @fdphotography90.

Andin actor soap opera love bond This admits that he always tries to assume that everyone has the same degree. That teaching turned out to be exactly what Amanda and her parents got.

“I was always taught by my parents and from Indonesia to humanize humans, we are all equal,” said Amanda in the West Jakarta region, Tuesday (28/9).

Although most of the time the woman who is still a Christian still expresses how she likes the mosque. He admitted that he didn’t expect anything and just wanted some sustenance.

“I don’t read a аһаӏа. Like a vow, who will the results be given to whom. All of these are also similar from Tυһаn, so wanting to do it is natural, “said Amanda.


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