For 8 Months, 1,068 Divorce Cases Happened in Central Jakarta, The Cause…

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Selama 8 Bulan, 1.068 Kasus Perceraian Terjadi...

1NEWS, The Central Jakarta Religious Court recorded that 1,068 divorce cases occurred over eight months (January-August 2021) in Central Jakarta.

The head of the Central Jakarta Religious Court, Muslikin said, the trigger for the high divorce cases in the Central Jakarta area was triggered by many reasons, such as economic factors, domestic violence to adultery.

He revealed that divorces caused by quarrels were the highest in Central Jakarta, with 554 cases. Then followed by economic factors, namely 292 cases, leaving one party as many as 164 cases, Domestic Violence (KDRT) as many as 22 cases, sentenced to prison as many as 15 cases, madat as many as 7 cases, gambling as many as 6 cases, apostasy as many as 2 cases, 2 cases of polygamy, and 2 cases of adultery.

When broken down again, each month the number of cases varies. For example, in January there were 155 cases, February 138 cases, March 147 cases, April 145 cases, May 117 cases, June 122 cases, July 88 cases, and August 159 cases.

“Divorce cases in the current pandemic tend to decrease compared to last year,” he said, Thursday (30/9/2021).

Muslikin said that the Central Jakarta Religious Court was actually not only dealing with divorce. Many cases related to the problems of Islamic law are handled by the Religious Courts.

“Such as problems of joint property, children, polygamy, we handle, we also deal with issues of wills, endowments, grants, zakat, infaq,” he said.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, his party held a virtual trial as a form of compliance with the health protocol (Prokes). So that there is no transmission at the Central Jakarta Religious Court office. He said his party would comply with the government’s decision regarding easing the implementation of PPKM in the capital.[]


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