Illustration and ‘SAVAGE’ Teaser Mask aespa Plagiarism by These Two Artists? | Kpop Chart

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This girl group made by SM Entertainment has again stumbled upon a plagiarism scandal against their latest teasers for the ‘SAVAGE’ comeback.

In one of the individual teasers for the ‘Hallucination Quest’ concept, specifically Karina, the idol is seen floating in the air, surrounded like a silver spine.

The illustration is known to be similar to the work of Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama which shows a naked woman surrounded by a silver insect-shaped robot.

In addition, the masks shown in the individual teasers of all aespa members are similar to the work of British designer, James Mary who has made various masks with the same design.

Until now it is still unknown whether SM Entertainment is indeed working with these artists or not. (1NEWS)

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