In order to be able to study, this student from NTT is willing to become an ART | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru – The spirit (sorry) of the people of the village or region does not need to be asked and doubted. And this is their ‘capital’ in achieving success, like the story of Yesti Rambu Jola Pati’s struggle.

Living from a simple family in his homeland of East Nusa Tenggara, Yesti felt it was impossible to realize her dream.

“Because at that time both parents did not agree, I objected to going here (Surabaya). I don’t have money. I don’t have anything, I’m just a desperate capital,” Yesti recalled the beginning of her struggle.

But with the capital of enthusiasm, recklessness and great determination, his departure to Surabaya after graduating from high school bore sweet fruit. Yesti was accepted at Dr Soetomo University (Unitomo) Surabaya, and majored in Mathematics Education, reports

“I am a typical child who loves his parents, I want to change, I want to make my parents proud and help their parents’ economy,” he said.

And during her higher education, Yesti had to go through a winding road. The inability of his parents made him have to be smart to earn money for living expenses and his studies while in the Metropolitan City.

In the end, Yesti also worked as a household assistant (ART). Even the income from this job can help his family’s economy in the village.

Now, this village boy and household member has become a Bachelor. Yesti was unable to contain her tears when she graduated at the Dyandra Convention Center (DCC) some time ago.

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