Irfan Hakim admits that he knew about Siri Leslar’s marriage, he was trusted to keep it a secret – 1NEWS

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Was not approved to be an artist, Irfan Hakim revealed how to melt the hearts of his parents. You Tube – Abdel Achrian

The surprising news came from the couple Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora or who are familiarly called LesLar.

Through the RANS Entertainment YouTube channel on Tuesday (21/09), the couple who are often called “Leslar” announced that they had married religiously or serially in early 2021.

Carrying out the contract in Cianjur, West Java, it is known that Billar gave a dowry of 21 pieces of Rp75 thousand worth of Rp1,575,000.

The event was also known to be simple with only their closest family and friends in attendance.

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Not long after the shocking news was revealed, Irfan Hakim also opened his voice.

Through his YouTube channel, the host, who is close to Rizky Billar and Lesty, admitted that he had known about the news for a long time.

“Assalamualaikum guys, it’s June 29, 2021 at 1.50 in the morning. So, it was broadcast live on Indosiar, the announcement of Lesty and Billar’s wedding date, which was July 23, 2021, soon (which turned out to be postponed to August 19, 2021),” said Irfan at the beginning of the video quoted by Merdeka from his YouTube channel de Hakim Story, Wednesday (22/09).

Irfan is trusted to keep secrets

Through the video he recorded some time ago, Irfan said that he had interviewed Lesty and Billar after the event live the. Unexpectedly, the couple revealed the secret of their serial marriage to Presenter Irfan.

As someone who knows Lesty and Billar’s love journey, Irfan later admitted that he had been keeping secret meetings for the sake of secrets about the couple before they revealed it to the public.

“Well, he gave me the next secret and this secret is really big. So, I will not release this video, unless it’s time to show it. It’s the same as at the beginning when I talked about their relationship, whether they were dating or not, even though I already knew that in the end I kept the secret until they announced that they were getting engaged, then I only released it if they had been dating since what month, ” said Irfan.

“I made this video, because I’m so happy! But very burdensome, and very nervous. So I’m saving this video, I’ll release it on the right date when they’ve announced themselves,” he added.

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YouTube/deHakims Story ©2021

Irfan Also Knows About Lesty’s Pregnancy

Irfan Hakim explained that Lesty and Billar were married religiously by Ustaz Subki Al Bughury.

“It turns out that Lesty and Billar are already married religiously together with Ustaz Al-Bughury, not just any ustaz. With the witness Ady Sky, then Rey Mbayang and his wife, witnessed by both parents for sure,” he explained.

Not only secrets about marriage, Irfan also claimed to have been informed by Rizky Billar about Lesty’s pregnancy.

“If you remember earlier I made a video of Billar whispering, and I was surprised, he whispered that he was married and thank God he was pregnant,” he concluded.

Along with the sharing of the video, Irfan Hakim seemed to be a witness that Leslar’s newly revealed secret was indeed true.

YouTube/deHakims Story ©2021


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