PKS Withdraws its Cadre’s Polygamy Recommendation by Marrying Widows | 1NEWS

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Got Confirmed

Previously, Surahman stated that his party had issued a recommendation on polygamy for PKS cadres. According to him, the recommendation has gone through an in-depth study.

“I, as the chairman, have signed, have done a study, and we have communicated with the President (PKS), DPP, and provided inputs,” he said.

Surahman explained, polygamy is allowed according to Islamic teachings. He also claimed that there was no rejection from the female PKS cadres, in fact the program was prepared by the Sakinah Family Development Commission, whose members are mostly women.

“Well, the Sakinah Family Development Commission team was even made up, now the majority of the commission members are women, and the cadres, of course, are the administrators,” he said.

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