Profile of Indra Kesuma the creator of TikTok, the sultan who earns billions

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Indra Kesuma.  Photo: Special via Voice

The profile of Indra Kesuma, the creator of TikTok, the billionaire sultan, has become a public conversation because he introduced the Crypto currency BotXcoin which he pioneered.

It turns out that success stories can start from zero as long as there is sincerity, hard work, and a desire to share success that can pave the way for the success of an ideal. That’s how Indra Kesuma felt.

The man who was born in Rantau Prapat, Labuhanbatu Regency, North Sumatra, May 31, 1996, can be said to have started his success from scratch.

His success story is very inspiring for many people, especially young people. He is very likely to be a positive example for the millennial generation.

Indra Kesuma. Photo: Special via Voice

Quotes Voice ( Network) The story starts from overseas. Before he was successful as he is now, he was just an overseas child who intended to continue his studies. At that time, he did not have any relationship to earn income.

However, he did not give up. He looked for work, until in the end, he had a job to pay for college and all the necessities of life.

Indra started to take a side job. He has worked in various professions, starting from building shop sales, online taxi drivers, cellphone service and many more. For five years he worked in these various professions.

Little by little, he began to save. But unexpectedly, the results of his five years of hard work disappeared in an instant, because he was deceived by fraudulent investments.

It was the most difficult moment for him. However, he didn’t want to give up.

Indra knows one of the trading platforms and he began to deepen his knowledge in that field. He attended seminars, tutorials on Youtube, to develop skills with his own method.

After success began to be achieved little by little, Indra also created trading content that was uploaded on Youtube. This is done to share knowledge with those who are interested in the same field.

Now Indra is the founder of an online trading course at Currently, the number of members who take the course has reached 300 people throughout Indonesia.

Apart from being a trader, his music career is also quite good. This man really likes music. He had participated in The Voice Indonesia 2018, which at that time was mentored by Titi DJ and Pop Diva. Now he is also still playing music to develop his skills.

Indra Kesuma

Apart from trading and creating trading content, Indra is also the founder of Digital Society Creative (Disotiv). Disotiv is a creative agency, which includes videographers, web design and digital branding.

Disotiv’s vision is to advance a brand, so that it can go digital.

Currently, from the results of his work and perseverance, Indra receives approximately Rp. 300 million per month. His biggest achievement is earning IDR 1 billion at the age of 23 years!

The Crazy Rich who likes to buy luxury goods

Indra Kesuma had gone viral on social media for buying a Tesla for Rp. 1.5 billion. Interestingly, the car that Indra bought from Tokopedia was the result of his fad because he couldn’t sleep. Indra Kenz admitted that he bought the car, which he said was very cheap, at 3 am.

Not only that, on his Instagram, Indra also often shares his luxury content. Like giving a 50 gram gold gift to his girlfriend or showing his collection of luxury items, ranging from cars to watches of fantastic value. Because of this, Indra Kesuma got the nickname Crazy Rich Medan.

Indra Kesuma’s short profile

Full Name: Indra Kesuma
Nickname: Indra Kenz
Date of Birth: Rantauprapat, 31 May 1996
Age: 25 Years
Education: Prima Indonesia University
Occupation: YouTuber, Entrepreneur and Influencer
Instagram: @indrakenz
YouTube: Indra Kesuma

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