Queen Elizabeth II abstains from eating this type of food

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1NEWS – As the number one person in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II In fact, he can eat whatever he wants. However, it turns out that there are a number of foods that the Queen will not eat.

For one thing, Queen Elizabeth II did not allow garlic and onions to be served at Buckingham Palace. “The Queen is an amazing woman, the royal family are amazing people but they can’t eat garlic because Buckingham Palace doesn’t cook with garlic,” said former British Royal chef John Higgins, according to the Express.

There is a special reason Queen Elizabeth II, as well as other members of the Royal family, avoid garlic. After eating the meal, Queen Elizabeth II usually greets important guests or invitees. Of course, it’s uncomfortable to eat foods that contain garlic and then talk to other people.

Queen Elizabeth II. (doc.IST)

Queen Elizabeth also banned shellfish foods such as shrimp and oysters. This is because these animals have a higher risk of carrying the disease. He also always avoids foods such as pasta, potatoes, and starchy foods.

According to another royal cook, Darren McGrady usually, Queen Elizabeth II eat grilled fish or chicken with two types of vegetables. Salads and fruits are also available at the Queen’s dining table. As for the cooking process, Queen Elizabeth likes to eat meat that is cooked until cooked.

For sweet foods, chocolate biscuit cake is his favorite. In fact, this cake must always be there even though he was on a trip to all parts of England.

Queen Elizabeth II.  (doc.IST)

Queen Elizabeth II. (doc.IST)


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