Reza Artamevia admits he is still on good terms with Angelina Sondakh – Latest Celeb News

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Singer Reza Artamevia apparently keeps in touch and communicates with Angelina Sondakh, who in fact both had a relationship with the late Adjie Massaid.

“Until now, we have not met (Angelina Sondakh) again. But there have been calls and video calls,” said Reza Artamevia in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (29/9).

Reza Artamevia has also uploaded a photo with Keanu Massaid, who is Angelina Sondakh’s son with the late Adjie Massaid.

The moment was captured when Reza Artamevia was gathering with her ex-husband’s family. The two daughters of Reza Artamevia are also close to Keanu Massaid.

“We often get together,” said Reza Artamevia.

The son of Angelina Sondakh, said Reza Artamevia, now lives with the parents of the late Adjie Massaid.

“When my children play and meet (Keanu Massaid) they stay at home,” concluded Reza Artamevia.

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