This Grandpa Rests in front of a gas station because his body is tired of selling all day, even though only 2 have been sold – 1NEWS

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Oh God, can you imagine how old his body is, his vision is no longer clear but he is still around selling chips to survive. Every day Grandpa sells chips at the gas station.

“If you don’t sell, where do you want to eat, son?” Grandpa’s story

With old steps, with great hope, Grandpa Sirya sells while sitting on the overhang of a gas station, often people think he is a beggar, but Grandpa Surya doesn’t want to beg because for him he is still strong to work even though he is sickly.

If someone gave money without buying the chips that he was selling, Grandpa Sirya immediately refused because he didn’t want to be a beggar.

Sirya’s grandfather usually brought 40 packs of emping, but only 2 packs of emping were sold. It was very hard for Grandpa Sirya because he had to accept results that were not commensurate with his struggles, in fact he was often expelled when he was selling on the overhang.

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