This Orphaned Sister Struggles Every Day to Gather Sacks of Cotton to Support Her Grandmother – 1NEWS

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The wages that he gets are only 10 thousand a day, Dinda the orphan is working hard looking for cotton to support her grandmother who has hearing loss.

This 13 year old orphaned Dinda is a hard worker. Since childhood, Dinda’s parents have died. Dinda was raised and cared for by her grandmother.

Every day Dinda goes from home to look for cotton that will be used as material to make mattresses or pillows. In a day, Dinda is only given 10 thousand wages by a kapok middleman who buys cotton that Dinda gets all day.

While the grandmother could only stay at home since suffering from hearing loss, Dinda had to fend for herself as a cotton seeker. Difficult days are always passed by Dinda with her grandmother, not infrequently they feel hungry because they do not have money to buy food. when I visited Dinda’s house, I saw that the house was very fragile, an old building that was rickety and even had many holes in the roof.

Dinda also said that every time it rains the roof of her house always leaks. While from the front it is clear that this house is only grounded, the condition of Dinda’s house with her grandmother is far from feasible. Even the rooms in their bathroom have no water, yes they don’t have a water machine and they don’t have a well either.

Every day Dinda has to draw water from her neighbor’s well for bathing purposes for her and her grandmother.

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