To be blunt about the fees for podcasts and TV, Lina Mukherjee: There is a TV that owes me 9 million

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Lina Mukherjee's upload.  Photo: Instagram

Celebrity celebrity Lina Mukherjee spoke candidly about the fees she received from television shows, podcasts, and becoming a brand ambassador for a product. According to Lina, the fees from podcasts are actually more than those from television.

Lina Mukherjee revealed that the fee for podcasts usually reaches Rp. 3 million per episode. Meanwhile, the honorarium from television is only around Rp. 1.5 to Rp. 2.5 million. In fact, Lina admitted that there was a television station that had not paid its honorarium of Rp. 9 million.

“How many TV and podcasts were invited? Many podcasts 3 million per come, if tv 2.5 million or two million even 1.5 million. There is a TV, I have a debt, ma’am, 9 million, 3 years, I haven’t paid it. It was written in the media, the owner was rich but didn’t pay it, hihi 9 million, 3 years ago,” he wrote on Thursday (30/09/21).

Not only that, the fee from being a brand ambassador for a product is also bigger, which can reach Rp. 5.5 to Rp. 100 million. According to him, being on TV only affects prestige, but not income.

“Being on TV and being paid as a brand ambassador is far better for BA, the smallest is BA 5.5 million, the largest is 100 million, so entering TV is only prestige but the money is small. But I’m happy to be on TV, if I’m on TV, it means that my body is thin because it fits on the TV.”

Lina Mukherjee’s upload. Photo: Instagram

Lina Mukherjee ‘spray’ assistant Nikita Mirzani

Nikita Mirzani’s assistant, Mail Syahputra, was ‘sprayed’ by Lina Mukherjee after defending Lesti Kejora whose face was called old. Previously, the Mail had made striking comments aimed at Lina Mukherjee and Revi Mariska as follows.

“Bang, how do you feel about Lina Mukherjee? Oh, he just looks like a hippopotamus. They’re both body shaming, but they don’t see what they are like,” said the short Mail, reported by Hops on Monday, (27/09/21).

Not accepting Mail’s statement, Lina Mukherjee also voiced her protest via Insta story. He asked Mail not to act chaste and not to comment on other people’s lives.

“Feels holy eim. This artist assistant comments on the lives of eim people, even though I like the artist he is open-ended, even though he also likes to comment on people, and that’s the attraction. So pls don’t act like a holy man, I don’t know who your assistant is, but I like your artist, you’re tough, just an assistant, you don’t need a lot of style pls,” he wrote.

Revi Mariska and Lina Mukherjee.  Photo: Instagram
Revi Mariska and Lina Mukherjee. Photo: Instagram

“Even though Revi ma @nikitamirzanimawardi_172 is an outspoken type of girl, and I like it! but to my surprise, his assistant was staring at me I hope anyone who does it without looking at the gap realizes that there are no holy people in this world, all of them are sinners and have talked about people.”

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